Lin Jie fell in love with films and television as a six-year old growing up in Sydney, Australia. As a child to help her learn English, her parents allowed her to rent as many movies as she wanted from Blockbuster during the school holidays. Kick-starting what was to be a lifelong obsession with telling stories through pictures and sound.

After graduating from a Media Arts & Production and Law double degree from the University of Technology, Sydney, Lin Jie dived head-first into broadcast TV, cutting her production teeth on long running ABC shows Good Game and Good Game Spawn Point. Rising from a field producer to director and series producer of Good Game Spawn Point.

Afterwards she expanded into longform documentaries with rage 30, culminating in creating, developing and then show-running the original series What is Music for triple j YouTube and ABC iview. Recently she has executive produced her first ever series in Art Bites Season 3 and Deadly Family Portraits for ABC Arts.

Not only is Lin Jie an adept producer and director, she’s also experienced in shooting and editing, with a deep technical knowledge of both skill sets. Lin Jie is incredibly interested at developing more bespoke content for digital platforms and exploring the changing relationship between content and audiences.